Design & Visualization

We worked with Empirix to design user interface concepts for their xCentrix 4 offering (now Empirix Intellisight) which is a data visualization and reporting tool for performance management and business intelligence. We delivered out-of-the-box solutions for data visualization and prototyped some key concepts. 



We synthesized a comprehensive customer research report to present in-depth key findings around user experience, customer relationship and overall impressions on the various products in use.

photo 3.JPG

Product Ecosystem

The poster documents Empirix’s product offereings by displaying the various components (GUI, Applications, Servers, Hardware) for each product. It also demonstrates the relationships and overlaps between products and their components based on insights gathered from contextual inquiries, product demos and exploration of the tools.

For the first time Empirix had a visual document that showed all of their varied technologies and how they came together to form the complete product suite.


Design Education

We developed an online design guide so that internal teams could enjoy long-term value and apply the knowledge in their design and development efforts after we were gone.